Commercial Floor Stripping and Waxing

Strategic restoration and maintenance Strip and wax floors in commercial buildings


Whether it's vinyl, tile, or hardwood, floor, by using specialized equipment and effective workers, Floor stripping is a complete and professional service that removes dirt, debris, old wax layers, and any other buildup from your floors revealing a clean, fresh and renewed floor. By stripping away the old layers, it allows for a fresh application of wax or finish, ensuring a clean and attractive floor while also protecting it from damage and wear.


Having shiny clean, healthy floors will make your business more inviting. Stripping and waxing your floors regularly will prevent future scratches, drastically extending the floors lifetime. Maintaining your floor will always outweigh the cost of replacement.


Floor Stripping and waxing helps Extending the life of your floors Helps to prevent damage to the floors. Floors will mop and clean with ease Protect Your floors from wear and tear.


Our staff are prepared to work overnight and around the clock to get your floor back to its optimal condition.

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